DJS Helios named after ‘Helios’ the personification of the sun in Greek mythology is an independent, student-run solar powered vehicle building team. They proudly call themselves local advocates of renewable energy technology with emphasis on solar technology. The organization is established to design and build solar powered cars to compete in the ‘Electric-Solar vehicle championship (ESVC) organized by the Imperial Society of Innovative engineers (ISIE).

Initiated by a group of 25 people DJS Helios has grown beyond expectations. It has three sub teams which deal with management, mechanical and electrical aspects of the car. Sponsorships  are essential to make any project a success. DJS Helios provides a variety of Sponsorship Packages.All the members of DJS Helios look forward to working with interesting ideas. So if Eco-friendly technology and cars excites you, you must join DJS Helios.