DJ LIT is the literary society of our college. Our committee specializes in providing the students with primarily recreational, creative and brainstorming activities. Unlike the other student chapters and committees of our college which demand you to work and slog your way through, we present you with purely the frolic- filled fragment of life. We as a committee not only make sure that the masses are kept up to date with daily events and happenings taking place in the college via our newsletter but, we also host various fascinating and enjoyable contests.

Some of the most recent and recognized events that we have organized include- The Harry Potter Quiz, The Sports+Entertainment Quiz and the most grueling yet fervent of them all, our JAM competitions. It is indeed a remarkable achievement for us to see all students and faculty members alike to partake of the jollification that the JAM sessions bring with it, not to mention the intensity that makes the audience avidly yearn for more such episodes.

Our core committee of the year 2017-18 comprises of the following members:

Chairperson- Saumya Shah
Vice-Chairperson- Soham Chitalia, Kushal Shah
Secretary- Shivani Singh
Jt. Secretary- Niti Shah
Treasurer- Aishwarya Nair
Team DJVU- Preethi Abraham, Karan Shah, Sarmishta Velury
Events Heads- Anant Joshi, Advait Naik, Darren Lasrado