As a cohesive team, their focus has always been on presenting technological events that are in tandem with the latest offerings from the tech world. They strive to inculcate the passion for technology and learning that is present in each member, past and present, within the students of  DJSCOE and beyond. Their interests can be seen in all of their work, whether it is in the various events that they host throughout the year or the magazine they publish annually. From learning new software and languages to developing products and conducting talks by luminaries in the industry, they work hard to achieve their goal and enjoy seeing it through every year. 


Codeshastra is the flagship event of DJCSI. It is an intercollege 24-hour overnight hackathon. It aims at encouraging aspiring programmers to showcase their knowledge and talent by coming up with practical usable solutions to the given problem statements. The student participation is not restricted only to Mumbai. The event last year hosted over 300 participants. It is held in association with CSI Mumbai. 
 CSI Week
CSI Week is an amalgamation of numerous technical workshops. Our workshops are carefully chosen keeping in mind the students’ interests and the fruitfulness of the subject later on. These workshops are aimed at teaching the students basics of new technologies and softwares which are very useful for them in the future.  
Technoscript is a literary competition where students need to submit an article on their preferred technical theme. The winning article is published in our annual magazine “Protocol”. 
DJCSI was the recipient of the “BEST ACTIVE CSI STUDENT BRANCH” approved by the CSI National Executive Committee(Execom) in the 5th meeting held at Bangalore on 18th March, 2017. Emerging triumphant over numerous other CSI student branches from across the country, DJCSI bagged this prestigious NATIONAL LEVEL AWARD.