About Us:

ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. Since its inception in our college in 2007-2008, DJSCOE-ACM has established itself as a successful committee, not only in terms of the number of members who have become a part of the ACM family but also in terms of the activities and seminars/workshops that have been conducted. Don’t let us convince you about our success. Let our three consecutive Best Student Chapter of the Year awards do the talking.



  • A seminar on Blockchain TechnologyA seminar focused on Blockchain technology was organized by the ACM team for SE and TE students. A group of experts conducted the seminar, giving students valuable insights into the aforementioned disciplines. The seminar was held in the Seminar Hall at 10:00 am on 30th of January and was attended by over sixty students of the college.Dr. Prof. Narendra Shekokar, the HOD of Comps Department and also DJ ACM’s convenor welcomed our first speaker, Dr. Vishwas Patil at the beginning of the seminar. Dr. Vishwas Patil, who is a Security and Privacy Researcher as well as a Senior Research Scientist at IIT-Bombay, gave a detailed explanation regarding how Digital Currency is different from physical currency and how Cryptocurrency will be the future of Global Economy.After the conclusion of the initial phase, the stage was handed over to Mr. Sahil Shah and Mr. Mishaal Wandari. They discussed in depth  about the various cryptocurrencies available today, providing valuable insight to some of them and introduced the students to a number of alternatives to bitcoins. The presentation went through a number of currencies while Mr. Mishaal and Mr. Sahil explained the pros and cons of each and every one of them while also providing investor tips. The duo also covered crypto wallets and their use in brief.After a short break, the stage was handed over to Mr. Nikunj Ladani. Mr. Ladani concluded the session with some more information on blockchain technology and also discussed about the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrencies in detail.The initiative was well received by the students and they left with a much better understanding of how the blockchain technology works and the various cryptocurrencies available


  • Industrial Visit (Upcoming)

    DJ ACM believes in the principle that experience is the teacher of all things. With this view in mind, ACM organized its annual Industrial Visit to Tata Consultancy Services, Pune on Monday 29th February 2016. The visit was aimed at giving students much needed practical exposure into relevant applications in the field of computer science and providing them an insight to the everyday happenings of a software giant.

  • DJASCII (Upcoming)

    DJASCII is a state level project and poster competition organised by DJ-ACM and DJ-CSI in collaboration, with the faculty of both the IT and Computer Engineering departments managing the event. It is a medium to encourage the BE students to present their project topics at state level. A strict scrutiny of the participants project is done to shortlist the projects for final presentation.

  • Internship Fair (Upcoming)
    For the first time in the history of the college, D. J. Sanghvi organised its biggest event of the year, the Internship Fair on the 4th of April,2016. Internships widen a student’s perspective as it gives the student a platform to go beyond books and apply their knowledge practically. This opportunity was open to all third year students of the college